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Call me Hallows or Romeo!
I'm a hobby digital artist and rotting corpse with a bad sense of humour.


I am in many fandoms but primarily Furry. I love to design and draw stuff for myself.//I am a goth, stoner, queer anarchist and anti authority//


|18+. follow responsibly.||I'm an adult. | I curse. | I feature drugs, dark themes and violence in my art. | I draw/share horror, blood, gore and eyestrain. | I like/share artistic nudity, suggestive and rare nsfw.||be respectful. I do not know you. dont comment nsfw stuff on my posts. dont talk about how you find my sonas hot. Its hella awkward|


✦🩸Don't use/repost my art of my OCs, or of OCs you dont own.🩸✦✦🩸Personal use of my fanart (stuff I've drawn of characters from shows or games) is fine, just credit me!🩸✦



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